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‘Illusory Dash’ v2.0

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Live IP Reset

Enter your proxy # to reset its IP directly and easily

Live IP Reset

Enter your proxy # to reset its IP directly and easily

Set custom timing

Set custom timing on the fly to auto-rotate your proxy

Toggle auto-rotate

Change auto-rotate status for your proxy at any time

Toggle auto-rotate

Change auto-rotate status for your proxy at any time

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Key Features


No splicing, no sharing.  Your proxy is exclusive to you and only you.


Perform proxy requests at a download speed as high as 35 Mbps.


Unlimited 4G LTE with no throttling or bandwidth limits

Massive Pool

Access to millions of IPs distributed through a Class A Network.


Proxy IPs located in the United States, Los Angeles, California.

AT&T Network

Powered by AT&T Mobility; the largest U.S. wireless provider―hands down.


Utilize for any websites whatsoever, as long as it’s not illegal.


Select between HTTP or SOCKS5 protocol for your operations.


Absolutely no logging or tracking with privatized IP tunneling.


Top-tier hardware and systems with max security, sustainability and uptime.


Run accounts smoothly with a massive reduction in blocks and EV/PVs.


Customer dashboard accessing IP inventory and subscription.

Robust IP Rotation

Reset Button

Reset easily via Illusory Dashboard with the click/tap of a button.


Automatically rotate your proxy IP at set intervals, consistently.

Custom Timing

Specify how often you want to auto-rotate, e.g. every 5 minutes.

Via Webhook

Reset proxies via webhook on-demand or set up custom flows.

Fast Reset

Get a new IP after every reset in around 10 seconds or less.


1 Port. Endless possibilities.

Request Access


We accept BTC payments along with any prepaid, debit or credit card.


Paid trial for customers to assess the suitability of Illusory proxies.

No Contracts

The plan is month-to-month and can be cancelled any time.


Read our frequently asked questions


What locations are available?

Currently ― Los Angeles, CA area. Other locations are on our roadmap.

How long do I have access to each proxy?

Each proxy lasts one month from the time you subscribe and payment recurs automatically until you cancel.

Is there a proxy setup time?

Typically, within 24 hours of payment received. Can take up to 48 if experiencing high order volumes.

Are the proxies only for social media?

No, you may use for any site ― as do many of our users.

What sites can I use?

Any sites, as long as they are not illegal.


What protocol are the proxies?

Each proxy comes with HTTP & SOCKS5 connections

How much bandwidth/data can I use?

Data is unlimited with no throttling.

How many connections can I use on 1 proxy?

There is no limit on threads or connections. Obviously, the more you load onto 1 proxy ― the slower it will become (just like a PC), so it’s up to customers to determine what works best for their use case.

Is it actually 4G LTE?

Yes, we use bands ― LTE FDD: Band1(2100 MHz)/Band3(1800 MHz)/Band5(850 MHz)/Band7(2600 MHz)/Band28(700 MHz) /UMTS

Is there ever downtime?

Typically, no. Once or twice a month we may perform short, server/proxy maintenance operations to ensure service is constantly optimized.


Do you offer trials?

For select users, we can offer trials. Contact us if interested.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept multiple cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC) as well as any prepaid, debit or credit cards. We do not accept PayPal.

Refund policy

When you make your first payment to Illusory, you agree to pay and take responsibility for all charges made in accordance with your service plan. For these reasons we do not offer refunds of any payment submitted by you. In order to be fair, no exceptions are made. Read our full refund policy here.

Social Media

How many accounts per proxy?

We recommend 5-10 at the same “exact” time, but you may use more if you like. You can also run up to 20-40 accounts easily and safely by operating accounts in shifts. Example with 20 accounts:

-‍Run 1st set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest for 18 hrs
-‍Run 2nd set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest for 18 hrs
‍‍-Run 3rd set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest for 18 hrs
‍-Run 4th set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest for 18 hrs

What social media sites do they work on?

All. We’ve done minimal testing on all sites and extensive testing on others. Proxies work great on all social sites.

Do your proxies fix blocks?

No proxies will completely cure blocks. However, high-quality mobile proxies are proven to be the best proxies you can use to decrease blocks, bans, human-verification requests and proxy detection. We provide a top-tier mobile proxy solution that 100% reduces most problematic account scenarios.